How do I find my wallet address?

Click on the ‘Request Payment’ button on the Receive tab.

How to receive DestoCoin from others ?

In fast, you can show the QR address to the sender, or, you could send the text address to the sender.

If my QR Image is unable to be scanned, what should I do?

You can use the text address visible in the ‘Payment Information’ section below in ‘Request Payment’.

Can I set how much coin I can receive ?

No, the amount is for reference only.

Why reuse an existing receiving address is not recommended ?

Same existing receiving address might cause some privacy issues such as intruders able to find out full transaction history of the address.


How to send DestoCoin to others ?

Navigate to ‘Send’ tab, enter the necessary information on the screen (recipient’s address, amount to transfer, etc), choose the desired transaction type and click ‘Send’, the status of the transaction can be observed through ‘Transaction’ tab.

How much is the transaction fees ?

0.000001DEO coin per transaction for normal transaction. There is also a zero-fee cost transaction available.

How long does it takes for DestoCoin to reach my wallet ?

Under normal circumstances, it should take about 10~20 seconds.

How to check if your coin has been received ?

Status of transaction is listed under ‘Transaction’ tab

Can I send to more than one user per one transaction ?

Yes, you can add more recipient with ‘Add Recipient’ button located on the bottom section under the ‘Send’ tab.


Where to check your current balance ?

Your DEO balance will be displayed on the ‘Overview’ tab. You can also find it at the bottom right of the screen on the ‘Send’ tab.


Does DestoWallet support other coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum ?

No, currently DestoWallet only holds DEO.


What does pending transaction means

It means the transaction is currently awaiting confirmation from other blocks, the transaction will be completed after receiving certain amount of confirmation from other blocks.

What is SwiftTX

SwiftTX stands for swift transaction, it will process your transaction with a fixed cost.

How do I keep track of all my transaction ?

You can check ‘History’ on the ‘Transactions’ tab.