P2P Tutorial

P2P (peer-to-peer) is DestoPay latest features, using DEO conduct online transactions with other users.

You can download the following file for details of operation:

DestoPay P2P User Manual.pdf

Sell DEO Tutorial

Sell DEO Step 1

Enter P2P from Side Menu and you can check the latest price for DEO at the top of this screen as trading reference. On the sell tab, click sell coin button to proceed to next page.

Sell DEO Step 2

On this page, choose your deal type, enter your desired selling price per unit and the quantity of DEO that you wish to sell. The validity input is optional, enable it by switching on the toggle located on the right beside the input field.

Note: The standard deal is based on what price you set while Fast deal is selling DEO within the latest price range. The minimum price per unit is optional and its to set a minimum selling price so that the system will match the queue with price ranging from the minimum price and input price. The validity is to set an expiration date for the queue to expire if the deal is not matched. After everything is filled in, click the DONE button to add the queue.

Sell DEO Step 3

Two situations:

  • Successfully matched buyer
  • Waiting to be match

Sell DEO Step 4

The newly added queue will be shown under Sell tab, the status of the queue will be shown on the top right of each queue. If there is a match found for the queue, the status of the queue will be showing 'Pending Transaction' else if there are no match to be found the status of the queue will be showing 'Pending Match'.

If there are no match yet, tapping on the queue will show the sell queue details such as price, quantity, validity date, etc.

Sell DEO Step 5

After the buyer uploaded receipt, check the receipt and confirm the deal by click proceed button. Next key in your passcode to transfer the DEO to buyer and this trading is complete.